A morning of Yoga in Darran Park Primary

My work as a Yoga teacher means that I get to meet some amazing people throughout the Rhondda valleys and the wider world. I love to share the benefits of Yoga for young and old, for mental and physical wellbeing, and to see the impact it has on people’s lives. I have taught Yoga to adults for a long time.

But years ago, before I ever dreamed of teaching Yoga, I trained to be a primary school teacher. Life took me a long way from this chosen profession, but this week, the paths of my past and present finally connected. And what a wonderful experience this was.

I was contacted by Mrs Jones at Darran Park Primary, who wanted to offer a Yoga session as part of her class’s Health and Wellbeing Week.

Happy to be at a school in a professional capacity again!

I was delighted to be able to agree, and with great excitement, I went to the school this morning. The children were all looking forward to the session, and there was a lovely buzz as we entered the hall. I talked a little about Yoga, and what it is. Many of the children had heard of it, and were enthusiastic to talk and answer my questions.

Re-learn how to Breathe

One of my favourite aspects of Yoga is working with the breath, so we spent a few minutes talking about why we breathe. I talked about how we can learn to breathe better, and we spent a couple of minutes breathing deeply to allow the children to quieten down and relax.

Moving and Relaxing the Body

We then went through a number of practices, including ‘jattis’, which are loosening exercises, designed to release tension and stiffness in the body, increase flexibility and relaxation, and warm the body ready for the more complex asanas. We did a ‘throwing out’ practice, which is a fantastic way to release tension and stress in the mind and body.

We did a number of breathing exercises, in which we got to be sitting rabbits, opening up their lungs to take in as much air as possible. They were then given the treat of being hopping rabbits, which they were very enthusiastic about.

We did some standing postures, and a balance, and ended with the children lying in Shava Asana for relaxation. The class all seemed to enjoy the session enormously, including the teachers who joined in as much as they could. They returned to their class calmly and quietly, after several had come up to thank me and tell me how much they had enjoyed the class.

Why bring Yoga into the classroom?

There are numerous benefits to had from bringing Yoga into your school. Aside from the obvious stress busting qualities of Yoga, it can

  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Improve physical health
  • Reduce aggression and violence
  • Improve self control and reaction management
  • Enhance coping skills
  • Reduce obesity
  • Promote greater self esteem and self confidence
  • Improve memory
  • Increase and balance energy
  • Promote mindfulness
  • Improve sleep

These benefits will help teachers and children alike! I can offer a range of sessions for your school, from a simple, general yoga class to more relaxation and stress management focused training, tailored to suit the age range and specific needs. If you are interested in bringing Yoga into your school, please get in touch to discuss how I can help.

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