As the Wellbeing Wednesday show fell on World Mental Health Day 2018, I talked about mental health throughout the show. I was joined on the phone by Sally Evans, founder of LifeBuddy, a new project that is committed to promoting good mental health, primarily in women and children, but for men as well

World Mental Health Day is marked every year to raise awareness of the need for support, understanding and compassion for those with mental health conditions, to promote good mental health, and to remind us that we all have mental health, and that mental health conditions can affect anyone at any time.

Mental ill health can be a lifelong problem which needs management and support, but it shouldn’t be a source of shame, of mistrust and fear. The media often represents mental health problems as the reason people do bad things, and this has contributed to a stigma that can make it very hard to seek help or even want to admit you have a problem.

I have experienced this in my own life – not wanting to reach out for help because of fear of the consequences of admitting I was struggling. Failing to seek help doesn’t make the problem go away, far from it.

It is so important that as a society we create an environment where people can feel safe to say. Companies House, who I interviewed on the show a few weeks ago, are a great example of this. They have worked hard to create a culture where people know they will be listened to, supported and helped through their mental health issues, and it has reaped benefits for the staff and the organisation. Providing mental health support at work seems like many businesses to be an expense they can’t afford, but Companies House proves that it is an investment worth making. I can help with this in my ‘day job’ if you would like to explore how you can better support your staff wellbeing at work.


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