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Paul’s story of physical healing through Yoga

When Paul first came to my class in Clydach Community centre, he struggled his way through the first class. He was stiff, his body damaged from years of physical work and illness. He struggled so much that I assumed he was going to tell me that it wasn't for him, or...

Becoming More Human through Yoga

There are many aspects of Yoga that aren’t always talked about in a typical Yoga class. And yet, in your Yoga class, you will be practising them even if you don’t realise it. The Yamas and Niyamas are the foundations to Yoga. The moral and ethical backbone...

How yoga helps reduce anxiety

One common reason that people turn to yoga is to try to find ways to reduce anxiety and stress. Yoga is a very powerful tool for this. You don't have to be able to do complicated postures to achieve this benefit, as long as you have a pair of lungs you are able to...

Increasing flexibility in the body through Yoga

Flexibility is seen by many as a pre-requisite to practising Yoga. This is a damaging and worrying misconception. yoga will increase the flexibility in your body, reducing stress and tension in your muscles and your mind, but you don’t need to be flexible before you...

Summer holiday arrangements

I'm writing this note today to let you know about the arrangements for Rhondda Yoga classes over the summer holidays. I just sent it as an email to people who I get to send emails to, but it needs to be available to you if I don’t have your email address as well! As...

Yoga IS for men as well you know fellas!

In ancient India, Yoga was pretty much exclusively a male occupation. If you look at the history of Yoga, you will see that all the famous Gurus who travelled to the West to share the message of Yoga were men. And yet, oddly, in the West, Yoga is a predominantly...

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