Rhondda Radio Wellbeing Wednesday

I am hugely proud to be a presenter for the fantastic Rhondda Radio, a local community radio station on 106.1FM, and online

I present the Wellbeing Wednesday show from 1-3pm, where I play a mix of music and talk about topics concerned with wellbeing. I am sometimes lucky enough to have guests on the show as well, if you know of anyone who you think would make a good guest, please let me know using the form below.

On this page I will share the recordings of the show when I can get them, including any relevant links to anything talked about during the show, and from now on, a track listing of the music I play. I’d love to get your thoughts, ideas and feedback. I want the show to be relevant and interesting for you, so please do let me know what you want me to talk about

The Shows

Wellbeing Wednesday on Rhondda Radio – 28 November

Wellbeing Wednesday Show Caffeine withdrawal, sugar, and great music! In this week's Wellbeing Wednesday show on Rhondda Radio 106.1FM, I spent a long time talking about the pros and cons of drinking caffeine. What prompted this choice of topic? Well, at the time I...

Rock and Roll Music – The Beatles invade Rhondda Radio!

On the 30th November into the 1st December, my Rhondda Radio family took part in an epic 24 hour live broadcast marathon to raise sponsorship to keep the station going. I was very excited because Lee agreed that I could do a 2 hour Beatles themed show. My excitement...

World Mental Health Day on Rhondda Radio

As the Wellbeing Wednesday show fell on World Mental Health Day 2018, I talked about mental health throughout the show. I was joined on the phone by Sally Evans, founder of LifeBuddy, a new project that is committed to promoting good mental health, primarily in...

12 September – discussing Love on the Wellbeing Wednesday show

On September 12 on the wellbeing Wednesday show, I was talking about love. I had been to a talk about the neuroscience of love, and while I couldn't recall all the scientific facts, I was fascinated by the topic. The topic of love gave me the chance to wax lyrical...

NLP, self empowerment, hard hitting theatre and mindfulness!

In the busiest show I've had, I welcomed 4 guests to the show on the 5th September! Georgia Walbey, an NLP trainer and coach from Evolve NLP, came on to talk about how we can learn to control our emotions, to rewrite the programs that run in our mind (you know, the...

Wellbeing Wednesday on Rhondda Radio

Rhondda Radio is officially launching on 106.1 FM on Sunday 29th July, and Rhondda Yoga will be there! Not only will I be offering taster sessions at the launch event (one at 2pm, and one at 3pm) but I am also a Rhondda Radio presenter! [gallery type="slideshow"...

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