In the busiest show I’ve had, I welcomed 4 guests to the show on the 5th September!

Georgia Walbey, an NLP trainer and coach from Evolve NLP, came on to talk about how we can learn to control our emotions, to rewrite the programs that run in our mind (you know, the one that tells you, for example, that you didn’t like sprouts when you were 6, so you know you don’t like them at 45, to use a very trite example). NLP is a therapeutic tool that enables people to rewrite these programs to create powerful change in life.

Rebecca Elley came on to talk about her Empower Me online Festival which is an online festival aimed at promoting self empowerment and wellbeing for all.

Playwright Bethan Morgan came in to talk about her new play, 35 Times, which was beginning a welsh tour in the Park and Dare the following week. The play talks about the subject of domestic abuse, sharing stories of abuse in the home in a cafe style setting. The play clearly raises some important issues, which may feel uncomfortable, but which we need to talk about. Domestic abuse is far more common than most of us would like to admit, with reported incidents rising by 23% in 2017. The number of reported cases is just the tip of the iceberg, however, as many people don’t report for a number of reasons. The play’s title comes from a statistic that women will experience domestic violence incidents 35 times before they report. Any one of those 35 times could be too late to report.

If you have seen the play, I’d love to hear about your thoughts on it – I didn’t get to see it as I was on the air, but I’m sure it was amazing. If you have been affected by domestic violence in the Rhondda, please get in touch with Women’s Aid RCT for help and support.

Finally, I was joined by another Bethan, Bethan Jones from Valleys Steps. Valleys Steps offers free mindfulness and stress management courses throughout RCT, to promote wellbeing and good mental health. To date, Valleys Steps have supported over 1000 people in their wellbeing journey.

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