I’m writing this note today to let you know about the arrangements for Rhondda Yoga classes over the summer holidays. I just sent it as an email to people who I get to send emails to, but it needs to be available to you if I don’t have your email address as well!
As you may know, I am a single mother, with an 8 year old boy who really doesn’t like yoga!
The summer holidays means, obviously, that daytime classes will be impacting on him considerably.
I am not planning to cancel any of the classes, but I have decided that I need to implement a booking and minimum attendee policy for the daytime classes so that if no one wants a class on a particular day, we can do something else.
This will only be in place for the holidays, and only for the daytime classes – I already have childcare for the evenings, so there isn’t an issue there.
Please bookmark this form and use it to book yourself onto your chosen classes, or you can book out the whole of the summer in advance if you want to give yourself that commitment.
If you have any problems with the form, please let me know and I can book you in anyway!
In addition, the class in Porth is on hold throughout the summer, and will resume in a new venue, the Shed Cafe on Hannah street, when the schools start back again in September. This will be the same week that the Friday evening class starts in EGH Judo in Porth, so that will be a great week of Yoga!

Loyalty Cards

I am getting rid of the block booking scheme that is currently in place, and implementing a new loyalty card scheme. You will be able to earn a free class for every 9 classes you attend in a 4 month period. I don’t have the cards yet, but am starting to track your attendance starting this week, so any classes you attend this week will count towards your free class. If you already have a block booking in place, this will not be affected.

Summer Retreat

There are still a few places left on the weekend retreat at Ragmans Lane Farm in The Forest of Dean next month. I am holding the price at £200 for another week, so if you are interested but haven’t managed to book yet, do let me know. You can pay a deposit now to secure your place, if you can send me £100 today, you can pay the balance within a month. There are only 5 places left, so don’t delay, I anticipate them selling soon!
If you’d like to know more about the retreat, you can take a look at the details here http://rhonddayoga.co.uk/event/calm-and-connect-weekend-retreat/?instance_id=6279
I hope you have a wonderful week, and hope to see you really soon.
Much love
ps…….if you haven’t signed up for the 30 Day Practice Makes Progress free challenge yet, why not take a look? We have over 70 people spending 15 minutes a day to increase their flexibility, and i’m already getting some great feedback! I’d love to have you join us, take a look and sign up at http://members.beginnersyogaclub.com/courses/practice-makes-progress