Wellbeing Wednesday on Rhondda Radio – 28 November

Wellbeing Wednesday on Rhondda Radio – 28 November

Wellbeing Wednesday Show

Caffeine withdrawal, sugar, and great music!

In this week’s Wellbeing Wednesday show on Rhondda Radio 106.1FM, I spent a long time talking about the pros and cons of drinking caffeine. What prompted this choice of topic? Well, at the time I was almost a week into a coffee detox, and I was still feeling the pain of stiff muscles and headaches at the time. At the time of writing this post I am still off the coffee, and not missing it at all yet (although I have yet to venture into a nice coffee shop and experience temptation yet!)

In the show I look at some of the reasons why coffee may, or may not, be harmful to health. I talked about some of the symptoms of too much caffeine, and the side effects you get from detoxing. I also shared some advice for those of you who might like to cut down on caffeine without experiencing the painful withdrawal symptoms I was suffering from.

In the second half of the show I moved on to talking about sugar and the insidious nature of sugar in the modern diet. I did muse that maybe I would try to drop that from my diet as well. I may well do, but not right now, although I am trying to eat a healthier diet and track what I am eating so am eating far less sugar than I do at other times.

Please enjoy the show, and let me know what you do to maintain and improve your wellbeing.

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Rock and Roll Music – The Beatles invade Rhondda Radio!

Rock and Roll Music – The Beatles invade Rhondda Radio!

On the 30th November into the 1st December, my Rhondda Radio family took part in an epic 24 hour live broadcast marathon to raise sponsorship to keep the station going. I was very excited because Lee agreed that I could do a 2 hour Beatles themed show.

My excitement turned to sadness when I realised that, due to my childcare commitments and lack of anyone to look after my son for me, I wouldn’t actually be able to take part. Reluctantly, I let that go, but told Lee that I would still like to present that show if the opportunity arose in the future.

Fate was smiling on me, because that opportunity presented itself very quickly. On Saturday evening, at 6pm, I was in the Rhondda Radio studio, saying ‘Hello, Goodbye’ as I started my 2 hour slot with that funky Beatles number. By sheer beautiful coincidence, I actually presented the last live show in a 34 hour period on Rhondda Radio, and I had the best fun doing so!

The list of songs I wanted to play far exceeded the amount of time I had to play them, and there were some fantastic tracks and artists who had to be left out of the show. Bob Dylan, a long term friend and collaborator of George Harrison, had to get ditched, as did David Bowie, and several Beatles songs I had wanted to play. But I loved every minute of it, especially once some of my friends told me they were listening in, and sent in their requests.

Here is the complete tracklisting of the songs I played

Hello Goodbye – The Beatles
Fuh you – Paul McCartney (from his new Egypt Station album
My Sweet Lord – George Harrison
Layla – Derek and the Dominoes
Street Fighting Man – Rolling Stones
Wonderwall – Oasis
Without You – Harry Nillson
Watching the wheels – John Lennon
Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie wonder
Band on the run – Wings
Good day sunshine  – The Beatles
Something Blue – Elvis
Here comes the sun – The Beatles
Jennifer Juniper – Donovan
Always look on the bright side of life – Monty Python
Heading for the light – Traveling Wilburys
Ticket to ride – The Beatles
Too late for goodbyes – Julian Lennon
Liverpool 8 – Ringo Starr
Give me love (give me peace on earth – George Harrison

There may have been a somewhat George Harrison heavy aspect to the show, which is no big surprise considering what an impact the man has had on my life (saving my life and influencing 3 of my tattoos!). I could quite happily have done a similar show just looking at George and his connections, and maybe I will try to persuade Lee to let me do just that – his musical career involved so many other incredible artists it really wouldn’t be hard to fill 2 hours!

I hope you enjoy the show. I’d love to know what is your favourite Beatles song?


World Mental Health Day on Rhondda Radio

World Mental Health Day on Rhondda Radio

As the Wellbeing Wednesday show fell on World Mental Health Day 2018, I talked about mental health throughout the show. I was joined on the phone by Sally Evans, founder of LifeBuddy, a new project that is committed to promoting good mental health, primarily in women and children, but for men as well

World Mental Health Day is marked every year to raise awareness of the need for support, understanding and compassion for those with mental health conditions, to promote good mental health, and to remind us that we all have mental health, and that mental health conditions can affect anyone at any time.

Mental ill health can be a lifelong problem which needs management and support, but it shouldn’t be a source of shame, of mistrust and fear. The media often represents mental health problems as the reason people do bad things, and this has contributed to a stigma that can make it very hard to seek help or even want to admit you have a problem.

I have experienced this in my own life – not wanting to reach out for help because of fear of the consequences of admitting I was struggling. Failing to seek help doesn’t make the problem go away, far from it.

It is so important that as a society we create an environment where people can feel safe to say. Companies House, who I interviewed on the show a few weeks ago, are a great example of this. They have worked hard to create a culture where people know they will be listened to, supported and helped through their mental health issues, and it has reaped benefits for the staff and the organisation. Providing mental health support at work seems like many businesses to be an expense they can’t afford, but Companies House proves that it is an investment worth making. I can help with this in my ‘day job’ if you would like to explore how you can better support your staff wellbeing at work.


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12 September – discussing Love on the Wellbeing Wednesday show

12 September – discussing Love on the Wellbeing Wednesday show

On September 12 on the wellbeing Wednesday show, I was talking about love. I had been to a talk about the neuroscience of love, and while I couldn’t recall all the scientific facts, I was fascinated by the topic. The topic of love gave me the chance to wax lyrical about my love of George Harrison, I was getting excited for the next part of my tattoo inspired by George!

I was only on the show for an hour, and the second hour was ably taken over by the lovely Shay Fisher, so huge gratitude to Shay for helping me out.

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NLP, self empowerment, hard hitting theatre and mindfulness!

NLP, self empowerment, hard hitting theatre and mindfulness!

In the busiest show I’ve had, I welcomed 4 guests to the show on the 5th September!

Georgia Walbey, an NLP trainer and coach from Evolve NLP, came on to talk about how we can learn to control our emotions, to rewrite the programs that run in our mind (you know, the one that tells you, for example, that you didn’t like sprouts when you were 6, so you know you don’t like them at 45, to use a very trite example). NLP is a therapeutic tool that enables people to rewrite these programs to create powerful change in life.

Rebecca Elley came on to talk about her Empower Me online Festival which is an online festival aimed at promoting self empowerment and wellbeing for all.

Playwright Bethan Morgan came in to talk about her new play, 35 Times, which was beginning a welsh tour in the Park and Dare the following week. The play talks about the subject of domestic abuse, sharing stories of abuse in the home in a cafe style setting. The play clearly raises some important issues, which may feel uncomfortable, but which we need to talk about. Domestic abuse is far more common than most of us would like to admit, with reported incidents rising by 23% in 2017. The number of reported cases is just the tip of the iceberg, however, as many people don’t report for a number of reasons. The play’s title comes from a statistic that women will experience domestic violence incidents 35 times before they report. Any one of those 35 times could be too late to report.

If you have seen the play, I’d love to hear about your thoughts on it – I didn’t get to see it as I was on the air, but I’m sure it was amazing. If you have been affected by domestic violence in the Rhondda, please get in touch with Women’s Aid RCT for help and support.

Finally, I was joined by another Bethan, Bethan Jones from Valleys Steps. Valleys Steps offers free mindfulness and stress management courses throughout RCT, to promote wellbeing and good mental health. To date, Valleys Steps have supported over 1000 people in their wellbeing journey.

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Wellbeing Wednesday on Rhondda Radio

Wellbeing Wednesday on Rhondda Radio

Rhondda Radio is officially launching on 106.1 FM on Sunday 29th July, and Rhondda Yoga will be there!

Not only will I be offering taster sessions at the launch event (one at 2pm, and one at 3pm) but I am also a Rhondda Radio presenter!

Join me every Wednesday from 1-3pm on 106.1FM where I will be presenting the ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ show. I will be discussing different aspects of wellbeing (not just Yoga!), and talking to people who are working within the Rhondda to help improve wellbeing and health throughout the valley. We will talk about relevant issues as they arise, share events that are taking place to do with wellbeing, and showcase all the ways you can take care of your health in the Rhondda area.

Is there is a topic you would like me to discuss?  Would you like to be a guest to discuss anything to do with wellbeing in the Rhondda? Do you know an organisation you think would be interesting for me to interview?  Please do get in touch if so! You can contact the Rhondda Radio studio at studio@rhonddaradio.com (put Wellbeing Wednesday in the subject line)

I’d love to hear from you, and to have you take part in the show. You can email and phone in when I am on air too, so if you have anything to add to the discussion, I’d love to hear from you!