Do you find life stressful, tiring and sometimes overwhelming? So many demands on your time and attention! It can feel like you’re drowning in all the noise around you.

Do you wish you had a way to let go of tension in your body and mind? To prevent the stresses and strains of the day from weighing you down.

Would you like to find a way to increase your energy and help you get better sleep at night? How amazing would it be to be able to sink into restful, relaxing sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and energised each morning?

Did you know that you have an amazing resource inside your body that can help turn this overwhelm, stress and exhaustion around?

You might not believe me, but it is true.

You’ve heard the phrase ‘take a deep breath and count to 10’? We often say it to people when they are stressed or angry.

We say this for one very good reason. It works.

When you take control of your breath, when you bring awareness to it and consciously slow and deepen your breath, it calms your nervous system and creates a sense of relaxation. You no longer feel the need to react to your emotions. You can prevent that sense of regret that often comes after an outburst (“Why did I say/do THAT?”)

We are born knowing how to breathe well. Babies breathe full, deep breaths, using every square millimetre of lung capacity they have. Over time we lose that ability, our breaths become shallow and irregular, and our mental and physical health suffers.

Our bodies need oxygen for health and wellbeing. Every single one of over a trillion cells needs the nourishment that they get from oxygen. We need to release the carbon dioxide that the cells release. We do this through the breath.

How you breathe is how you live. If you are in control of your breath, you can control your emotions.

If you can control your emotions, you can control how you respond to the world and things that happen to you. Conscious, deep breathing is a wonderful way to improve mental and physical health. It helps to relax the body. It improves energy and makes muscles work better. And it is a fantastic way to find calm and peace within, so you can always find stillness in a busy, noisy world.

I transformed my life when I learned to breathe better. A former alcoholic and heavy smoker, I was able to find recovery through Yoga, particularly thanks to learning to breathe. I have developed effective stress management strategies using my breath. The asthma I have suffered from since childhood has reduced. I sleep better after decades of insomnia. I have lost much of the irrational rage I felt at the world, and am a calmer, happier woman even when life feels overwhelming and awful.

Breathe between the trees

On June 1, I am running a one day workshop on the power of your breath. In this workshop, I want to share with you some of the powerful practices that helped me find such peace and wellbeing. Through the course of the day, you will practice a range of breathing practices that will expand your lung capacity, and give you greater control over your breath.

We will have a lot of fun throughout the day. I take Yoga very seriously, but I also believe that we can have fun and enjoyment in the practicing of it. Ideally, the weather will be good and we will be in the Cwm Saebren woods in Treherbert. We will move our bodies, and learn to breathe deeply while surrounded by the gorgeous, oxygen producing, carbon dioxide consuming, trees of the woodland. We will spend time walking mindfully through the trees, connecting with this most wonderful gift of Mother Nature, reminding ourselves that we are part of nature, and intimately connected to it.

The all important ‘what is for lunch’?

We will share a ‘pot luck lunch’, all bringing a vegan dish we can share. Pot luck lunches are a wonderful way to eat with friends and strangers. In my experience, we always end up with a glorious feast, and lots to talk about. I will provide tea, coffee and herbal tea, and some fruit. All you will need to bring is some water, a blanket, and a Yoga mat if you have one. You may wish to bring a notebook in case you want to make a note of anything.

You will leave this workshop feeling relaxed but energised, with tools to help you develop better breathing, and take control of your emotions, your wellbeing and your happiness. I will attempt to record the teaching and provide you with a useful video later, and will provide some useful handouts you can take away with you to help you remember what we learn.

The workshop costs just £80 for the day, but I am offering a special early bird rate until midday on Monday 13 May. If you book before then, you can get your place for just £55, a saving of £25!

Don’t miss out, book now! Or get in touch if you have any questions.