Meet Esther Nagle, your teacher

Esther Nagle has lived in the Rhondda for most of her life, moving around the valley every few years, seemingly on a mission to have an address in every Rhondda postcode.

Esther discovered Yoga years ago when she started attending June Marshman’s classes in the Sport Centre, and vowed that one day she would teach it. Her opportunity came when she was forced to leave her full time job due to mental health problems.

Enrolling on the inaugural teacher training course at the Om Studio in Cardiff was the best thing Esther ever did. It changed her life in more ways than she could have possibly anticipated, you can read more about this epic journey on Balance and Breathe, Esther’s other website.

Esther is a passionate champion of the many benefits Yoga can offer to health and wellbeing. Her own journey has shown her that Yoga has so much more to offer than simply getting toned and flexible. Yoga is a powerful tool for creating a life of harmony and balance, good mental and physical health, and deeper connection to yourself, the world around you, and your spiritual side.